Interview with Victor Paciura, Head of Overseas Business at EWATT Aerospace.

High Payload Drone
The Commercial UAV Expo was held in Amsterdam on April 2018. This expo, as industry experts predict, will be the most important drone exhibition in the European continent on the years to come.

During the event, we met with EWATT Aerospace to discuss new developments on the leading Chinese industrial-grade UAV manufacturer.

Bryan Carlo, LBS Media: “I heard it was the first UAV exhibition that EWATT attended in Europe? How did you like it so far?”
Victor Paciura, Overseas Business Head at EWATT Aerospace: “Indeed, that was the first drone exhibition we attended in Europe and it was great – the organization is fantastic. All the major players in the industry have come here. The show itself was Pan-European in reach – we had visitors from Iceland, Russia, Portugal, Turkey and anywhere in between – even the drone companies and visitors from across the pond came. Quite remarkably for drone shows the quality of interactions we had was superb – we met people whom you might read on the first pages of industrial magazines and people who build the tissue of UAV industry insight. The Commercial UAV Expo offers a fantastic lineup keynote speakers and conferences throughout the entire show focusing on the most relevant commercial applications of UAVs. We loved the show, and we will be back next year. Very likely it will be the only UAVs show in Europe that EWATT will attend in 2019 in Europe.”

BC: What is EWATT exhibiting this year at Commercial UAV Expo?
VP: “We are only setting our feet in Europe, therefore we mostly brought the drones that were developed with the China market in mind. Interesting for visitors may be the already well flown prototype of EWZ-242 – the long-endurance gas powered variable pitch quadcopter with the payload of 20+ kgs and endurance of a over 2 hours. It is quite unlike any other UAV, it is hard to miss it.“

BC: What you say is very intriguing. Does it mean that the drone markets in China and the rest of the world are different?
VP: “Actually, there is a significant difference as the legislation and the conservative limitations internally imposed by our major clients in China somewhat forced our Chinese engineers to build drones within those constraints and not go beyond – it mostly parains to power units, and size of drones. EWATT however, has always been very receptive of new ideas and did not shy away from revolutionary undertakes, we have this in our DNA and will continue to capitalize on that worldwide.

BC: What’s something new should we expect to see from EWATT in the 2019 Commercial UAV Expo?
VP: There are hundreds of drone companies, 95% of which bring very little or anything new to the table. EWATT dares to be different and to push the industry forward. Next year, we plan to show the first two drones entirely developed by EWATT’s European teams. Both will feature alternative to batteries proprietary power units developed by EWATT. We are staying on the path to bring ever powerful drones for industrial and security users.

BC: Good luck and all the best, see you next year.
VP: “Thank you and see you then!” « Back