The hermetic and shock resistant UAV camera PODs allow the user to
conduct missions in all weather conditions. The PODs come with wide range of industrial
and surveillance cameras mounted on 3-axis gimbals.

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Gyro-stabilized EO/IR System

The POD-I is a high-precision dual axis gyro-stabilized platform. With a built-in 5M 10x optical zoom real time camera and a 640×512 infrared thermal camera, its dual sensors provide superior visibility whilst maintaining a weight of just 1.5kg. The system is perfectly suited for both day and night missions such as search and rescue, natural disaster management, surveillance and asset monitoring.


Night Vision System

The ENV-I features active laser infrared night vision technology, solid background contrast and a crisp image which remains unaffected by external light souces. Thanks to its 18x optical zoom 1080P high-defintion camera, the system provides a night vision range of up to 500m, making it ideal for observing targets from long distances. Combined with its low sound output, the ENV-I can just as easily be deployed for night-time routine surveillance patrols, search operations, or even hunting. The device also features an aesthetically pleasing pod design. After reinforcement and sealing treatments, it offers superior seismic, shock, dust and rain protection.


36x EO Camera

The POD-Z36 is a professional 36x optical zoom real image camera for UAV platforms. With high-precision dual-axis gyro-stabilization the camera performs exceptionally when the host aircraft is at cruising speed. The system is ideally suited to surveillance deployments as it can capture suspects’ faces or vehicle plate numbers from long distances clearly.


3-Axis Stablized EO HD camera

The POD-Z10 is a 16 megapixel, 10x optical zoom high-definition 3-axis pod camera. It is capable of recording at resulutions of up to 4K as well as 1080P @60PFS. Originally developed for law enforcement the system’s waterproof design, rapid focus and lightweight portability has gained it recognition in other areas, such as in fire fighting, maritime patrols and power line inspections.