EWATT co-operates with the world’s best professional payload manufacturers to integrate
the most advanced cameras and sensors onto EWATT aircraft

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Airborne LIDAR

LiDAR is a space measurement system integrating laser ranging, GPS and IMU. EWATT heavy-duty drones such as the electric multirotor EWZ-D6 offer extended flight times even when equipped with robust LiDAR systems. EWATT drones capable of carrying payloads weighing over 5kg can successfully integrate both Alpha Series systems and Ranger series LiDAR systems by Phoenix Lidar.

EUV-1 Corona Camera

Corona detection is a refined non-destructive testing technique which allows power grid operators to detect and localize discharge caused by a fault of insulators long before an IR or real image inspection will be able to show any sign of fault.

EOP-5 Oblique camera

PTilt photography is a new development in the field of international surveying and mapping. Unlike standard digital camera images, the orientation of 5 lenses (one vertical & four tilt) enables users to visualize the combined image in 3D models. This camera is suited for applications such as 3D digital city mapping, urban space management, and large-scale mapping.

& Hyperspectral

Multispectral camera remote sensing imaging technology uses Red,Green Red-Edge and Near Infrared wavebands to capture both visible and invisible images. This enables the extraction of additional information including light from frequencies beyond our visible sight. Multispectral images are a very effective tool for agriculture and forestry giving the user the ability to evaluate soil productivity and analyze plant health.

EW-GDM Gas Sensor

The EW-GDM consists of up to 6 gas sensors mounted into a single payload. The user can choose the most applicable sensors from a wide range of over 200 different gas sensors. The system detects the gas in real-time and can produce aerial photos of the detection area. The EW-GDM can be used for natural gas line surveys, tank inspections, gas well testing, plant safety inspections, landfill emission monitoring and variety of other inspections.

EOP-07 Panoramic Camera

The EOP-07 panoramic camera can instantly capture images or video forgoing the need to stitch multiple images together using software. The resulting VR like image can be explored using VR goggles and offers a 360-degree panoramic scenery view captured from the drone.

Sony Alpha 7R

The Alpha 7R with Sony’s latest BIONZ X processor and no optical low-pass filter offers lifelike detail. With a 36.4MP 35mm full-frame sensor and fast intelligent autofocus for quick, accurate contrast detection the Alpha 7R is a great camera for capturing images and video from EWATTs Aircraft.

Sony Alpha 6000

The Sony Alpha 6000 is a professional camera that features a 24.3-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor and comes with a 16–50mm lens. Capable of 11 frames per second continuous shooting and with 8x digital zoom the camera can take clear images and HD video at cruising speed.