EWATT’s new factory commences operation – a move aimed at increasing the production capacity, while lowering the cost per unit

WUHAN, China, October 31, 2018 — Finally after 2 years since the beginning of construction, EWATT has officially opened the premises of the UAVs Industrial Park in Wuhan, China. The EWATT UAV Industrial Park offers 55,000 square feet of industrial space. It hosts EWATT’s Chinese R&D teams, component manufacturing, final assembly of aircraft, as well as the commercial headquarters for China. 

Jefferson Zhang, EWATT China’s CTO and the Head of Manufacturing explained: “We are very happy to finally move in to the new premises. Having this much more space will allow us to streamline the manufacturing, and thus increase capacity while lowering the unit cost. In addition to the existing manual and semi-automatic assembly lines, we are planning to set up two fully automatic production lines to scale up the production of ESPECT, the newest mini-multirotor developed and built by EWATT China”.

Founded in 2010, EWATT has solidified its position in China as a leading manufacturer of UAVs for inspection and surveillance applications. Over the years, EWATT even expanded its areas of expertise from power line inspection, surveillance and security and news broadcasting. In the recent years EWATT also ventured to fire-fighting, forestry, last mile deliveries, heavy payload applications, and developed a series of customized specialized industrial solutions such as integrating devices for environment probing, LiDAR and UV camera and more.

In parallel to the expansion of manufacturing capacity in China, EWATT has also continued to invest in growing its international business. Earlier this year, EWATT’s established an office in Zurich, Switzerland – the location more and more often referred to as the Silicon Valley of drones. According to Victor Paciura, the COO of EWATT Switzerland AG, EWATT Switzerland AG the two most important tasks that the Swiss subsidiary has been trusted have been re-organising EWATT’s commercial operations outside of China and taking charge of EWATT’s R&D programs operated in Europe.

“The R&D programs which we run in Europe are at different stages. Currently we expect to unveil in Q2 2019 this first of the drones developed by EWATT entirely in Europe. This will be the gas-powered quadcopter with payload capacity over 20 kilograms and flight times exceeding 2 hours.” – said Paciura.

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