EWATT drones for Suning Logistics’ lightweight deliveries featured at the 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit

Hybrid Uav System
Suning – the biggest retailer of electronics in China, often referred to as the Best Buy of China, stole the spotlight and caught the attention of media and industry experts during the 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit held in Hangzhou on May 31, 2018.

Suning and EWATT presented 2 drones developed jointly for Suning Logistics – the delivery company operating under the umbrella of the retailer. The two drones include a gas powered VTOL fixed wing drone with a service range of over 100km and an electric multicopter with 6kg payload capacity for the last-mile deliveries. Both aircraft offer vertical take off and landing capability which will allow Suning to operate deliveries efficiently and effectively.

Suning Logistics plans to deploy the drones through Suning Logistics’ first airborne delivery route in Wuhan City, China.

The Future of Logistics

The logistics industry is accelerating technology empowerment. Since the beginning of 2018, the juggernauts of Western retail like Amazon and Walmart, and also the Chinese major delivery companies and retailers like SFExpress, JD, Suning and others, have begun launching deliveries with drones projects.

Last March, Amazon conducted the first public test flight of a drone. Meanwhile, JD is already operating a fleet of last-mile delivery multicopters in the mountainous areas of Central China. Suning Logistics, on the other hand, has declared its plan to build 5,000 UAV logistics hubs across entire China.

EWATT Aerospace stated that since 2017, all of their aircrafts, including the fixed wing drones, feature vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) technology. “This in turn decreases the cost related to building dispatch hubs as EWATT drones do not need runaways to take off. We can take off and deliver cargo to nearly any locations.”

Policies signal clear support to logistics enterprises’ use of aircraft and drones to provide aviation logistics solutions. At the end of March, SF Express obtained a commercial license for UAV deliveries, marking the first and official entry of China’s drone logistics distribution into legal operation. On May 11th, the Civil Aviation Administration issued the “Guiding Opinions of the Civil Aviation Administration on Promoting the Development of Aviation Logistics “.

The operations of these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles has no doubt, become an important direction for the improvement of the logistics industry. According to industry insiders, the market capacity of logistics UAVs will reach 15 billion dollars over the next five years.

On a statement, Yang Wei, the Head of Ewatt Aerospace’s UAV Logistics Business, remarked that “The transition to fully autonomous deliveries is an irreversible trend. EWATT is dedicating substantial engineering resources to build aircraft that can fulfil this demand on larger scale than the two UAVs shown so far in Hangzhou.”

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