EWATT Aerospace and Civil Aviation Management Institute of China officially commenced the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Airworthiness Certification Lab.

Gas Powered Uav
During the ceremony held on June 13, 2018 in Beijing, EWATT Aerospace and Civil Aviation Management Institute of China (CAMIC) officially announced the opening of the UAV Airworthiness Certification Lab (UACL).

Dean Sun Xiaomei of the CAMIC and CEO Zhao Guocheng of EWATT Aerospace jointly introduced the new Airworthiness Certification which aims to further the safe integration of UAVs into Chinese airspace. With 2.9M of UAVs deployed in 2017, the responsibility of building strong standards and institutions supporting their implementation has become a top priority for Chinese Authorities.

In particular, the UACL will work with CAAC in order to classify the UAVs, set grading standards, draft airworthiness certification policies and provide technical advice on their implementation. The UACL will act as a platform to continue the dialog of official authorities, industrial companies and drone manufacturers on all aspects of airworthiness.

CAMIC is the only undergraduate institution under the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), with various programs which include aircraft airworthiness management and research.

EWATT Group, most notable for EWATT Aerospace is an industrial-grade drone manufacturer, has invested and operates a number of companies developing complimentary UAV technologies, including the first and most widely adapted UTM system in China, AI image processing technology and others. « Back