Airship with Tethered Drones wins Best Concept in PolyHack 2018

Hybrid Electric Drone
This year’s Polyhack Hackathon event was organized by Telejob, with EWATT Aerospace being one of the three technical partners and was held last October 27-28 at ETH Zurich. The event engaged students to come up with solutions to interesting UAV industry problems that is specific to 3 areas: drone deliveries, swarms and UAV inspections.

ETH Zurich is Einstein’s Alma Matter and is one of the best technical universities in the world. It is where many drone related initiatives such as Pix Hawk launched, and drone companies such as Wingtra and Verity Studios originated from. All these great track records show that students from ETH could shape the future of the UAV industry.

The interest among students was massive and more than what the organizer had expected. Groups of students who joined the event were given the whole night to tackle one of the three problems related to commercial applications of UAVs.

The event turned out to be fun and at the same time, it gave students better insights on what types of problems the UAV industry is facing on each of the fundamental levels: software and hardware solutions, and marketing problems.

The winning team

The challenge put forth by EWATT was to propose a new fully autonomous beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) power line inspection UAV system.

The winning team – Amadrone designed a solution with an airship (Plimp/Zeppelin) with 2 tethered drones, cameras, LiDAR and sensors capable of realizing BVLOS inspections of the power lines.

EWATT congratulates Amadrone as they managed to find a balanced approach to the problem while considering commercial and technical feasibility. As the UAV industry is facing many difficult challenges, out-of-the box ideas like Amadrone’s solution, can help push the industry forward. « Back