EWZ-N6 is the Fully Autonomous Crop Spraying Drone!

The intuitive design, durable structure, and affordable price

make N6 the drone of choice for farmers seeking to

x10 the efficiency of manual crop spraying operations.

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Fully Autonomous Safe Operation in Difficult Terrain

The microwave radar senses changes of the terrain and immediately adjusts flight altitude

User can set up the obstacles in the field for a drone to avoid. Such common obstacles are power line poles, trees etc.

6 Ceramic Nozzles

Spraying Range of 4-6 meters

Adjustable spraying flow.

Two models of nozzles available:

– 1 to 3 L/min

– 1.3 to 1.7 L/min


Intuitive User Interface

Easy to use Android APP for mobile devices,
Available also on Windows computers

Fully Autonomous Operation

Intuitive route planning.

Fully autonomous take off, flight,

spraying operation and landing.

Return Home function, when the battery

is low or  when run out of spraying liquid.